Records Management

SN3 has the ability to bring key personnel in business/administration, project management, and IT interface areas. We have extensive records and data management experience controlling and searching databases totaling more than 30 terabytes. We provide records management with DocumentumĀ® experience (digital and physical).

SN3’s hallmark is utilizing the best appropriate technology and management practices to efficiently manage, operate, and maintain an enterprise-wide computer and information system, including:

  • Data Validation and Verification
  • Presentation and Analysis
  • Archival Records Administration
  • Data Backup and Retrieval

This includes a central network control server facility with an alternate data center, computer workstations, area networks, office automation, software and management information system development and maintenance, data communication, and directly related support activities, including cyber security.

During the past 5 years under its LM contract (2010 through 2014), SN3 has successfully processed the following number of records requests in a compliant and timely manner:

  • General records requests – 3,600
  • Privacy Act records requests – 293
  • FOIA requests – 1,700
  • EEOICPA requests – 6,200

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