Quality Programs

SN3’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) adopts American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA-1-2008, Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications. This is the standard from which our QAP is developed for the corporation as a whole and for flow down to our projects.

SN3’s QAP manifests itself as a Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures we “do work correctly and safely” and describes how SN3 personnel implement quality assurance (QA) requirements in accordance with contract statements of work.

The purpose of our QMS is to advance consistent QA implementation across all SN3 contracts, projects, and activities, while providing flexibility for graded implementation, and tailoring for site-specific requirements (e.g., state regulatory agreements, local permit requirements, etc.).

SN3 also develops and implements quality assurance/quality control plans and procedures for dozens of projects involving environmental cleanup and remediation throughout the U.S. We have particular experience in (1) preparation of environmental project quality procedures, plans, permits, compliance documentation, and reports; (2) interpretation of environmental and quality-reporting regulations; (3) contractor/regulator interface; and (4) quality program field surveillances.

SN3 has excellent QA qualifications with several national awards, three State of Colorado quality awards, and a program aligned with the objective of achieving the Malcolm Baldridge Award. We develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive QAPs that include procedural coverage for the activities necessary to ensure that risks and environmental impacts are minimized and that safety, reliability, performance, and mission objectives are accomplished.

Quality Visitors CenterThe Fernald Preserve, just outside Cincinnati, Ohio, was a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) uranium processing facility from 1952-1989. Because of the management efforts by SN3, the site tells a powerful story of environmental transformation. Photo courtesy of DOE