Engineering & Design

Construction on buildingOur structural, electrical, mechanical, and nuclear engineers have vast experience in many areas. As a leader in the design of highly complex systems, HII personnel utilize state-of-the-art tools and design methods. We have applied 3D product modeling for design and manufacturing for over 25 years.

  • Computer-aided Design
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Integrated Product & Process Development

Modeling & Simulation

State-of-the-art Modeling and Simulation (M&S) optimizes complex waste disposition planning, nuclear facility management and operations, and environmental remediation projects. SN3’s Modeling and Simulation decision support tools ensure that your schedules are met, throughput is maximized, resources and capital are efficiently utilized, and risk is mitigated.

Since the mid-1990s, Newport News Shipbuilding, through the use of our in-house software developers and analysts, developed and has been using M&S as a tool for analysis of complex manufacturing projects as well as for scheduling and control of major aspects of manufacturing and design. The SN3-owned software is flexible and more adaptive than off the-shelf packages.

SN3’s M&S team has matured a capability that builds on the M&S industry best practices supplemented with guidance from Software Engineering and Systems Engineering fields. This capability includes a focus on architecture that promotes interoperability, reuse, robustness, and foresight, and has potential for growth. SN3’s M&S capabilities include:

  • Planning / scheduling. Develop realistic schedules that account for uncertainty, system complexities and dependencies.
  • Reduce risk with respect to unknowns. Production support Project outcomes given current state of production, thus, anticipating and preventing potential delays or schedule overruns.
  • Evaluation of alternative strategies. Experimentation in otherwise untouchable environment.
  • Capital expenditures. Quantifiable and observable evidence to back up decisions and ensure that new facilities meet production needs before design is complete.
  • Manning assessments. Manning, training, cross training requirements based on actual production needs and assess how changes in manning effect production.
  • Procedural training. Utilize serious gaming techniques for more effective procedural training of the next generation workforce.
  • Agile Simulation. Perform development of unique processes rooted in best practices of M&S and augmented with systems engineering and software engineering common simulation. Provide framework in-house developed simulation software designed for complex problems and geared toward scalability, reusability and flexibility.
  • M&S Apprenticeship. One of kind program combines classroom education with hands on experience to train M&S professionals for any domain.
  • High bandwidth distributed simulation network: CWIN T3, DREN/SDREN OC3, SIPRNET T3
  • Equipped for secret/classified information and fully accredited.
  • General purpose application development. Experienced software development team to create custom solutions.

Leading Edge Design Tools

HII also provides leading edge engineering and design tools and expertise to the commercial energy industry, the Department of Energy, and other government customers.

Deactivation & Demolition (D&D)

SN3 assists D&D and Remediation projects with selection of the most cost effective methods for packaging, transportation, and disposal by preparing extensive cost comparison analyses. SN3 has more than 10 years of experience with D&D of large facilities including waste characterization and waste removal. Wastes characterized and removed included:

  • LLRW Waste / Mixed LLRW
  • Asbestos Contaminated Material
  • PCB Waste
  • Used Oil
  • Mercury Containing Items

In supporting D&D activities, at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plan, SN3 staffed the site with 85 FTEs fully integrated into project operations, and we recently passed 3 million safe work hours without a lost-time accident.

Our D&D experience includes extensive project management and front-line management experience, including managing all waste characterization, packaging operations, transportation, on-site waste acceptance, database tracking, and operation of the on-site landfill.

Nuclear Engineering

SN3’s Nuclear Consulting division has provided support services for the nuclear power industry in the U.S. and abroad for over 50 years. Our work focuses on optimizing nuclear power plant performance, operations, maintenance, safety, compliance, and licensing.

Risk and Safety Analysis: Our studies address technical issues such as chemistry, radiation protection and health physics; materials inspection and aging management; risk-informed/performance-based operations; decommissioning planning; waste management; and regulatory issues.

Energy Market Consulting: SN3 also provides energy market and energy policy consulting for various organizations, including independent evaluations of market opportunities and compliance audits.