A Culture of Safety

VVP FlagsAs a subsidiary of HII, SN3 offers to its customers a 60-year legacy of safe nuclear material and high-level waste operations and management. Safety is fully integrated into our company culture and its daily operations.

Under SN3’s management as prime contractor, the LMSS Program was awarded the Voluntary Protection Program STAR award. This is the first DOE VPP Star award to a nationwide, multi-site program (89 sites in 28 states).

The ISMS (Integrated Safety Management System) and EMS (Environmental Management System) are dynamic systems that incorporate the concept of continuous improvement and support worker safety and environmental safety as the work changes to meet new or revised missions. The basic structure of ISMS (i.e., the Core Functions and Guiding Principles) and EMS (Plan, Do, Check, Act) are the overarching processes SN3 uses to manage and conduct work under all SN3 contracts.

SN3 has a robust safety culture and one of the lowest Experience Modification Rates (EMRs) in the industry, with a 5-year average of 0.76. On March 23, 2011 (under our previous corporate name, The S.M. Stoller Corporation), SN3 was awarded the Thomas M. Drury Award for Excellent Achievement in Health and Safety while working without a loss-time injury at mines within the MSHA South Central District.