SN3 is no stranger to complex problems.

SN3 is built on a half-century legacy of safe performance.

Nuclear Operations, Waste Operations, Conduct of Operations

Deactivation and Demolition (D&D)

Environmental Management and Stewardship

Radiological Waste Management and Disposal

A Culture of Safety and Quality

Landfill Design, Construction, and Operation

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Engineering and Design

About Huntington Ingalls Industries

SN3 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). HII has approximately 38,000 employees within its two divisions and eight subsidiaries, all of which seamlessly share management, resources, capabilities, and personnel. HII, through its divisions and subsidiaries, manages more than 100 nuclear facilities including many of the processing facilities at the DOE Savannah River Site (SRS) and those at its Newport News, Virginia shipyard where it builds, fuels, refuels and deactivates nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines. Learn more at

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